Buying a solicitors practice

Avoid unseen overheads taking you by surprise, and be prepared to hit the ground running when you’re buying a solicitors practice. Get the smooth transition you’re hoping for with our help.

Experienced and tech-savvy bookkeepers

Supervised by Chartered Certified Accountants

Solicitors accounts rules compliant

Keeping legal accounting easy

Keep the purchase transition smooth

You don’t want any unexpected unpaid bills or overheads coming your week in the first days and months after buying a law firm. To keep the transition smooth, review the target firm’s financials, get briefed on its cash flow and liabilities before the takeover.  

This way, you’ll be fully equipped to spend cash during early days of takeover. You can make better decisions with adequately understanding the numbers.


We’ll help simplify buying your first, or next, law firm

As soon as the purchase is complete, we can pick up where the previous legal cashier left off. That way, there won’t be a gap in your books, and you’ll instantly be able to make improved business and spending decisions.

We’re legal accountants in London offering better legal bookkeeping.


Legal Accounting Softwares we use:

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