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How often do you update the books?

Books can be updated daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. This depends on the size of your practice and how often you want to review the books/ledgers.

Who submits the VAT returns?

We calculate the VAT and submit the VAT return online to HMRC with your approval. Some clients prefer receiving the VAT report and submitting the VAT return themselves.

How much do you charge for bookkeeping?

We charge an hourly rate of £25-£30/hour. We can also offer a fixed fee arrangement.

How do I share all the data for bookkeeping?

Data can be shared by various means – electronic slip system via software or alternatively by email, cloud sharing, fax, post (For Off-Site bookkeeping).

What legal accounting softwares have you used?

We specialise in legal accounts. Our legal cashiers remain up to date with software developments in the market and are well trained on majority of the legal accounting softwares e.g Select Legal, IRIS, Elite, Perfect Books, Alpha Law Vantage, Osprey, Strong Box, Peapod, Millennium, Law Byte, DPS, Insight Legal, Cognito, Insight Legal, Law Fusion, Tikit TFB, Merdian, Bullseye, Eclipse, Advanced Legal and more.

What financial reports will I receive?

As standard you will receive the following reports:
Trial Balance/ Matter Balances/ Client and Office Bank Reconciliation/ Client Reconciliation/ Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet/ Aged Debt/ Bills Delivered – A breakdown report of Matters, Fee Earners, Branch etc/ Nominal Detail Report.In addition to these standard reports you can ask your legal cashier to generate any other ad-hoc reports you may wish to have.

Does My Legal Cashier cater for Legal AID work?

Yes, we do. Many of our legal aid clients hold franchises in Crime, Family, Housing, Welfare Benefits and Debt.

How do I pay for your services?

Invoice is raised soon after the work is completed and is payable within 7 days from the invoice date.

What happens if I receive notice of a compliance visit by a governing body?

Notify us without delay to enable us to offer guidance and supply the requisite information well in advance.


We struggled to find a book keeper who could understand the needs of a small firm and who we felt were competent with the Solicitors accounts rules. I was very pleased to find Legal Cashiers who provide an off-site…

Shehani de Alwis

Co-Founding Director, Gillen de Alwis Solicitors

I have been using their services for several years now. I’m glad I decided to work them, they have managed my accounts incredibly well. They are efficient and most professional. I highly recommend them.

Sanam Khan


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