Tax investigation advice for law firms

HMRC don’t need a reason to open an investigation into your business’ affairs. If you’ve found yourself at the centre of one of these enquiries, it’s best to get your books and accounts in order to avoid any aggravation. We can advise or act on your behalf; it comes as standard in our monthly retainer.

Experienced and tech-savvy bookkeepers

Supervised by Chartered Certified Accountants

Solicitors accounts rules compliant

Keeping legal accounting easy

Don’t be the victim of a costly penalty

The bad news is, if HMRC investigates your solicitor’s firm and find any malpractice – or even mistakes that point towards malpractice – your investigation could escalate to criminal status. If that happens, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to escape a penalty.

If you need advice or have software or documentation we can work from to organise and prepare your accounts; we’re happy to help.

Keep your accounts in order with a fixed monthly fee

There’s a simple solution here, employ a bookkeeper or accountant! That way, your accounts will always be in order. Our prices work on fixed monthly fees, from as little as £50. Check out our pricing

We’re legal accountants in London offering better legal bookkeeping.


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