Legal cashier supervisors for your staff

If you’re training a new member of staff at your law firm, or you’d just like extra assistance with your bookkeeping, why not add a remote legal cashier supervisor to your team? Having the extra expertise by your side could avoid mistakes as well as help you spot opportunities.

Experienced and tech-savvy bookkeepers

Supervised by Chartered Certified Accountants

Solicitors accounts rules compliant

Keeping legal accounting easy

Supervisors to suit you

Your supervisor will be solicitors accounts rules compliant and ready to offer advice. Each potential team member is tech-savvy and will be readily equipped to interact and respond with your acting legal cashier, offering advice around any of the following tasks:

  • run payroll
  • interaction with a COFA**
  • run month/year-end reports
  • calculate and submit VAT online
  • solicitors accounts rules breach checks
  • identify inconsistencies or historical errors in any accounts
  • data collection via electronic slip system (software), email, cloud, fax or post
  • producing management reports including SARS* compliance reports, bank reconciliations, client reconciliation and balances

* Solicitor’s accounts rules

**Compliance officer for finance and administration

For the most efficient service, we recommend you use electronic business banking and provide us with ‘read-only’ access to your bank statements online.

We’re legal accountants in London offering better legal bookkeeping.


Legal Accounting Softwares we use:

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