Renewing your professional indemnity insurance?

Your law firm cannot operate without professional indemnity insurance, so getting the best renewal deal is important. And now COVID has added further scrutiny to the process. Having your books in order will strengthen your application; we’ll help get all the financial information your application requires in order.

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Professional indemnity insurance explained

Sometimes things don’t go to plan and a client – or third party – raises a claim. Professional indemnity insurance (PII) for solicitors will cover claims arising from the legal services you have provided. 

Allegations could include negligence, breach of trust or defamation. And instances like this arise if the claimant feels you have not fulfilled your role fittingly. 

How does bookkeeping fit into this?

Strong indemnity insurance applications showcase transparent business processes, right down to accounts and how you’re handling client’s money. Keeping your books in order is a way of keeping your business running ethically and above board.  

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