Financial position reports and reviews

Get more insight into how your law firm is performing financially. Whether you want to benchmark performance, set new targets or even sell your firm, a financial position report from our reviewers will help.

Experienced and tech-savvy bookkeepers

Supervised by Chartered Certified Accountants

Solicitors accounts rules compliant

Keeping legal accounting easy

Buying or selling a law firm?

Financial reviews are perfect if you’re buying a law firm and would like assurance that the accounts are in order. Or if you’re looking to sell your firm and are tying up loose ends, a report that you can pass on to new owners will clear up any questions about accounts. 

It also gives you as a new owner – or your buyer – a clear idea on the next financial steps.


Better decision making and clearer goals

The financial review isn’t just for buying or selling firms, they’re great for giving you direction or identifying key financial issues and aligning future objectives.  

We’re legal accountants in London offering better legal bookkeeping.


Legal Accounting Softwares we use:

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